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Our Caravan Canopy Brands - Wigo

Posted by Richard Cattel on

Why Wigo ?  We came across a caravan sun canopy from Wigo while undergoing the process of purchasing our caravan at a dealer in Monchengladbach. While at the caravan salon in Germany we came across many products that we were hugely impressed with not available to the wide stream market in the UK. We thought that people were missing out on some quality and innovative products. Here is a little more about Wigo.

About Wigo, translated from Wigo website in Germany

WIGO - who or what is it?

WIGO is composed of the initials of the company founder Wischnewski and Gomoluch. nearly almost 25 years ago Heinz Wischnewski and his son Matthias Gomoluch decided to become self-employed. Both had learned the profession of tentmaker from scratch and still have a high level of expertise in this market.

During this time, the close contact with the leading caravan and motorhome manufacturers brought about many designs and specific awanings and caravan sun awnings. Here WIGO is always careful to present in an extraordinary vehicle forms a corresponding awning solution for the customer.  An example of this being the Eriba and various different options avaible and often overlooked by other manufactures.

Wherein lies the secret of success? One reason, of course, is the decades of experience of the two founders, but also the fact that both the owner and the staff are all campers. Under the motto "campers for campers" we bring the awning forward all the time and adapt it to the wishes of customers. The best example in the home is the WIGO sack awning Rolli. But the other Awnings are always a combination of sophisticated technology, excellent workmanship and high equipment we finally know what the customer wants. Finally, we regularly ask and are grateful for any kind of feedback. But of course, our own camping experiences play a major role in the development of our awnings.

We are also proud oF our single production area. Here almost no wishes of the customer remain open when it schedules a reasonable budget. Due to its universal color and material selection, depth changes, wall changes, etc., it is possible to realize an individual awning for each customer. There are few technical limits here. In this area also we learn even repeatedly to and encounter new good ideas because we respond to the wishes of customers. "Campers for campers" or campers learn from campers!


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