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A Canopy isn't just for the Summer!

Posted by MARY Cattel on

Now the Autumn is here and it seems we may have seen the majority of this years sunshine, it's time to think about protecting yourself from other seasonal elements such as the rain!

If you are having a quick trip away and don't want to wrestle with a full awning, we may just have the perfect solution for you. Our Portico porch canopy gives you an extended dry area at your door, just enough to keep the rain off on entry and exit from your van. It is so quick to erect, perfect when you are trying to get set up and it's chucking it down.

There is always the ever popular Ultra Light if you want total coverage from the rain. We have used ours during showers through to it raining cats and dogs. Sitting underneath playing our board games and eating our dinner is something we love being able to do, even in the rain. You can dry the dog off, or get your boots off under here. It has a lovely big window on the front so you can sit under all cosy looking at the goings on through the rain drops. Ah, I want to go away now!

So don't let a few showers stop you touring just because the Summer is gone. Grab yourself a canopy and get going!

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