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Arco Canopy outing

Posted by MARY Cattel on

We headed off for the weekend down to the lovely Three Castles site in Skenfrith with the intention of trying out our demo Arco canopy. We had tried it out previously when we first had it in stock to see how easy (or difficult) the putting together would be but hadn't used it in a practical sense till this weekend. Well, were we impressed or were we impressed. Richard had it ready to rock and roll in about 12 minutes in the dark after a late arrival (not that I was counting :o) )

It is so different to anything else we have come across and it really is a striking piece of kit when you see it on site. The front arch is so unique and because of the shape, it kept the rain well away from the door and area outside.

We had a few compliments from fellow campers and plenty of admiring glances. Whoever gets one of these will not be disappointed. We have a limited amount of stock left and this caravan canopy is no longer in production so strike while the iron is hot!


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