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Campervan Canopy in action

Posted by MARY Cattel on

Today we were sent a lovely email and some photo's from a lady who recently bought one of our stunning Foyer campervan canopies. She wanted to let us know how happy she was with her choice.

She called us to say she wanted a canopy for a T5 and was looking for something that was easy to erect and looked good. She had seen the Foyer campervan canopy on the website already and was delighted when we said it should fit the bill.

After a couple of practice go's, she says she has the pitching down to about 10 minutes, including the pegging out which is pretty good going. You will be sitting under your canopy drinking your wine while you watch others on site wrestling with their awnings. The large windows bring the outdoors to your door without losing any element of shade.

It is the perfect choice for your camper.

Thank you Gabby for your email and the photos, Happy Camping!

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