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Christmas in the Van

Posted by MARY Cattel on

We set off for our first Christmas in the caravan a few days before the big day, full of excitement and the car full of presents and goodies. We arrived at York Caravan Park and got ourselves all set up, fairy lights everywhere. Our Arco caravan canopy looked beautiful even if I do say so myself! The site was fairly busy and there was a hum of anticipation already around. 

We visted York for a mooch around the Christmas markets and had our dinner in the oldest pub in York - dog friendly too, happy days.

The following day, we had a lovely walk around the grounds of Castle Howard and then headed in to take a look at the Christmas decorations. Wow! I was blown away by what we seen. Simply beautiful. A gingerbread model railway, a dolls house big enough for me to live in and a tree to beat the band.


Storm Barbara arrived soon into our stay so the storm straps had to come out although we do advise that campervan canopies, motorhome canopies and caravan canopies always be taken down in wind!

We had a fantastic dinner on Christmas Eve at the Durham Ox in Crayke. A dog friendly eatery serving wonderful food. The place was humming and a really festive atmosphere was around. Party hats, crackers and the scent of Mulled Wine. Christmas was here!

Christmas day arrived along with the first bit of sunshine we had seen all week. The wind had died down and it was a beautiful still morning, Pressies opened and breakfast eaten, we head off to the Moors for a walk. After a visit to the Church in Pickering, we parked up in Hutton le Hole, a gorgeous little village in the hills. There were a few people milling around and we exchanged "Merry Christmas's" with those we met. We then headed in to the Moors and had the most wonderful walk. We felt like we had the whole place to ourselves, what a fantastic way to spend a few hours on a day like this.


Back to the van to cook our turkey on the BBQ and consume copious amounts of food. Well, it is Christmas isn't it. Lots of board games, carols and a snoring dog in the background completed a really special day.

One more day left before we headed for home. We made our way to Flamborough Head, a chalk headland similar to Dover with two standing lighthouses. There was a new storm on the way through, they called this one Connor (why they keep naming every strong gust of wind these days beats me) and it really was windy up here. After a gusty walk, we made our way to Scarborough. A lovely walk along the beach, fish and chips (it's compulsary when you're at the seaside isn't it) and a cuppa to warm the cockles.

One more sleep and we hit the road for home. Thank you Yorkshire for a wonderful week.

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