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Eriba Folk Summer Meet

Posted by MARY Cattel on

As the administrators of the Eriba Folk forum had been so kind as to let us post on their website about our caravan canopies, we wanted somehow to say thank you. As a start up business, this kind of help has been fantastic to get us off the ground and the people we have dealt with have been an absolute pleasure.

We went along to drop off some raffle prizes and some printed banners for the meet which were greatly appreciated by the organisers. Whilst there, we met with lots of people that had questions about their Eriba canopy that I hope we helped somewhat with. It was fascinating to see so many of the distinctive Eriba caravans, together in one place.  Various canopies and awnings all looking fabulous in their own right. Although maybe somewhat biased, we like to think our Wigo Vision canopy and the Ultra Light canopy can match anything for style! 

En route to the site (which was lovely) in Corby, Northamptonshire, I spotted several Eribas on the A14 and I knew exactly where they were heading! Such a striking caravan at the best of times, but when you see several together, you can't help but be impressed at the style of them. 

The only downside about the weekend was the wind that was fit to blow feathers off the birds but I think it would take more than that to stop the Eriba Folk enjoying themselves! We hope a good weekend was had by all.



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