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Foyer Caravan Canopy

Posted by MARY Cattel on

We have had some wonderful feedback for our new Foyer caravan canopy that we introduced to our collection this year so it was no surprise when we read our first review that Lynda kindly took the time to write on our website.

"This weekend we had wind rain and sunshine this canopy was perfect for all the weather conditions ! I love it wish I'd bought one sooner so easy to put up and put away don't think I'll ever want to use a full /porch awning again ... "


This really is a stunning caravan canopy that is also proving very popular with Campervan owners. It is pretty unique in its design when compared with other caravan canopies on the market so if you like something a little bit different, this is the canopy for you!

If you have any questions about the Foyer Canopy please get in touch with us on 01858 575434 or


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