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The pro's and con's of a Caravan Canopy

Posted by Richard Cattel on

There are definately pro's and con's for using a caravan canopy and I am going to take a look as objectively as possible at both sides.

Firstly, I will take a look at the pro's.

The biggest plus for me is the ability to erect a caravan canopy quickly in comparison to a traditional awning (or divorce in a bag as it is otherwise known). You can have a canopy up in minutes. Most of our collection can be erected somewhere between 10 and 25 minutes.

Flexibility - several of our caravan canopies have optional sides, or a front panel, or can be used in multiple ways meaning you can have more than one standard use and look for your canopy.

Caravan canopies provide a more open "outdoors" feeling while still providing some protection. As caravanners, most of us enjoy the outdoors and a canopy brings that feeling right to your door.

Cost - this is a factor in most things in life I'm sure you will appreciate. The price of a caravan canopy in comparison to a full awning is worlds apart. It is definately something to consider when making your decision on your next purchase.

Now for the Con's.

If you are looking for an area that provides cover for sleeping and storage, then a canopy will not be suitable. Whilst there is some protection for storage underneath a caravan canopy, you certainly couldn't sleep underneath it (unless you are in tropical climates of course but not often we get them in the UK)! So for this purpose, an awning is definately the way forward.

A canopy will not be as effective for providing protection from the elements than an enclosed awning so if you like to sit out in the evenings, wind, rain, snow and the like, again, an awning will be the way to go.

Wind - this is a factor that needs considering depending on the time of year and weather promised for your time away. A canopy will be prone to damage in high winds so we always advise, if there is anything other than light wind on your trip, take your caravan sun canopy down. Luckily it only takes minutes!

So there we have it, a balanced look at caravan canopies! There are many that have both an awning and a canopy and use them at different times of the year and for different trips. The decision is yours....

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