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The Ultra Light 200 is coming back!!

Posted by MARY Cattel on

You may remember I posted details last year of Wigo's decision to no longer manufacture the Ultra Light in the 200cm size. Well, after European outcry, thankfully Wigo have decided to welcome it back into its collection. We at the Caravan Canopy Shop are so happy with this news. We have had so many requests for this particular size over the past year and felt it was such a shame we couldn't give our customers what they were looking for.

The 200cm sun canopy is so versatile. It is suitable for all sorts of vehicles, including caravans, motorhomes and of course campervans.

For anyone that has seen an Ultra Light in action, you will know what a fab piece of kit it is. The unique shape of this stylish sun canopy means you can achieve a higher arch if required for comfortable door clearance.

We are expecting our new stock of this item mid to late April - just in time for the season ahead. Get in touch now to reserve yours.

(Please note, large caravan canopy logo will not appear on your campervan sun canopy, caravan sun canopy, motorhome sun canopy, it is a demo item).

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