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Wagon and Delta Campervan canopy photo shoot

Posted by MARY Cattel on

Well the sun is scorching the grass and we seem to be having endless blue skies, so thought we would update some pictures for the Delta and Wagon canopies.

These two campervan canopies work with a clamp and pole system (such as the suction clams found HERE) so you dont need expensive rails or gutters fitted.

Thanks to a brand new VW T6 highline Van hired for the week from Parkway VW in Leicester our resident photographer Andy from Ravon Creative managed to capture the camping spirit for us.  Parkway also offer Campervan hire so we may have to arrange this next time and work on more pictures (info on their campervan hire can be found HERE)

The suction clamp system used here really is a great way to attach a canopy to a van or a camper without a rail. The rubber suction pad with the help of a clean surface and a little dampening grips really well. Once on the vehicle you tighten the metal clamp and feed in the pole that has been passed through the canopy pocket and secure.


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