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Technical Help

FIRST OF ALL, DONT BE AFRAID TO CALL US ! We are an online shop but always happy to talk through any questions you may have before or after purchase. We have even been know to pop out to our local campsites to help answer a question.



The size of a canopy you order will depend on the size of the rail you have available. Most of our canopies will only cover the top of the caravan so please measure the top of your rail and decide how much you would like to cover as per below:

Most sizes come in increments of 50cm or 100cm's, such as 200cm wide, 250cm wide 300cm wide, 350cm wide and 400cm wide.  So first work out if you would like to cover just the Door frame, Door frame and window or half the caravan or all of it !

If you don't see your required size, please get in touch. It may be that we can order it for you.


Our Caravan canopies are easy to set up. Once you have placed an order, we will provide you with a PDF to download with instructions and info on how to set up your canopy and send you out instructions with your canopy.



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